4 al 5 de sep. 2002

Washington, D.C.
InfowarCon 2002 - Homeland Defense and CyberTerrorism:
Dealing With Harsh New Realities
INFOWARCON 2002 will bring together political, military, and commercial leaders from around the world to discuss the latest threats and defenses.

11 de sep. 2002

Le 11 septembre : un an après
Organisé par la Fondation pour la recherche stratégique (FRS).

16-17 de sep. 2002

Cape Canaveral, Florida
Topics will include: Terrorist Activities and Current Threat Assessment - Terrorist Groups and Their Impact on Homeland Security - Maritime Security and Its Impact on National Security - Fighting Terrorism on the Community Level - Terrorist Methodology and Lessons Learned - Improvised Explosive Device Recognition - Investigative Operations Security...

19 al 22 de sep. 2002

Wilton Park Conference Centre, West Sussex, United Kingdom
Responding to International Terrorism:

Forging Effective Responses After the 2001 Attack on the U.S.

27 de sep. 2002

Zagreb, Croatia
Terrorism and Security in the 21st Century:
South-Eastern Europe and the World
The overall objective of the symposium is to comprehend the basic problems of contemporary terrorism, especially in the region of South-Eastern Europe and to give a realistic base for shaping and developingthe most effective strategy for its prevention and elimination.

4 al 5 de oct. 2002

University of New Brunswick, Frederickton, New Brunswick, Canada
Terrorism, Asymmetric Warfare, and Homeland Security:
Understanding the Issues One Year after 9/11
Conference jointly sponsored by the Centre for Conflict Studies (University of New Brunswick), the Military and Strategic Studies Program (University of New Brunswick), the Privy Council Office, Solicitor General of Canada and the Department of Public Safety (Province of New Brunswick).
Preliminary conference program

10 al 12 de oct. 2002

University of Nebraska at Omaha, Nebraska
25th Annual Third World Studies Conference
Includes papers on the topic: "The Threat of Terrorism to the First and Third Worlds".

19 de oct. 2002

Berne (Suisse)
Terrorisme: causes, prévention, lutte
10e colloque "Politique de sécurité et médias"
Intervenants: Walter Laqueur, Urs von Daeniken, Max Frenkel, Jean-François Mayer...
Renseignements:Colloquium Sicherheitspolitik und Medien, c/o VBS, Direktion für Sicherheitspolitik, Bernastrasse 28, 3003 Bern

28 de oct. 2002

Morristown, New Jersey
Northeast Counterterrorism & Security Conference
Speakers will discuss what progress we have made, and what new technologies have been put into place to protect our communities against a terrorist attack.

8 al 10 de nov. 2002

Evangelische Akademie Loccum, Germany
How Useful is Development Policy in the Fight Against Terrorism?
Conference languages: German and English

18 al 21 de nov. 2002

Las Vegas, Nevada
BioSecurity 2002
An international forum for all groups and individuals dealing with the threat of bioterrorism.

20 al 22 de mar. 2003

Kathmandu (Nepal)
Psycho-philosophical phenomena of terrorism and terrorism solution
The Institute for Oriental Philosophy, Kathmandu, Nepa,l is proud to announce worldwide competitive call for papers from students on those topics or relative self-choice topics. The papers will be presented at its 1st annual meeting.
Information: 12-13.09.2003
Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California
Understanding Terrorism: Philosophical Issues
Since September 11, 2001, "terrorism" has become the subject of increased academic interest. Sociological, psychological, political, and economic analyses of terrorism have flourished. But there are also deep philosophical issues generated by critical reflection on terrorism that are equally deserving of academic inquiry.