by Galei Tzahal correspondents

At least 7 were killed and more than 80 wounded in a terror attack at the Mt.
Scopus campus of Hebrew U. in Jerusalem.

The attack occurred around 13:40 in the cafeteria of the Frank Sinatra building. The police assess that the explosion was caused by a large bomb that was planted at the place. According to the assessment the fact that the explosion was within a closed structure increased the force of the damage. Some of the people were hurt by the collapse of part of the building, as a result of the explosion. Next to the Frank Sinatra building is the university registrar. So many people were in the area at the time of the attack, even though the university is on summer vacation.

6 bodies were found in the area of the attack. One mortally wounded victim died on the operating table in Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital. The condition of 12 of the wounded is serious. All the wounded were taken to hospitals in the capital. Many of the wounded are suffering from cuts and harm from the explosive blow. Others are suffering from shrapnel.

The Military Arm Of Hamas Took Responsibility For The Attack

The Palestinian Authority issued a announcement condemning the attack. Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat announced that he condemns all attacks against innocents. The Hamas military arm, Az Adin Al Kasem Brigades took responsibility for the attack in a telephone call that was broadcast on the Al Jezeera television station. In the announcement it stated that the attack was in revenge for the assassination of Salach Shahada.

Hamas spokesman, Abed El Aziz El Rantisi said "this is the heavy price that Israel pays for what it did. We will not surrender to any Arab or international pressure and we will not halt our struggle until the Jews leave Palestine." However, Rantisi did not confirm that this was a Hamas attack and said that only the military arm is authorized to issue an official poster taking responsibility.

Minister Landau: Expand And Intensify The War

Minister of Internal Security, Uzi Landau, called for intensifying Israel's response: "we are in a war and in a war you have to win. Period. We have to take every measure required to win and quickly. We have to hit not only the terrorists but also those who send them out. I will demand that the government expand and intensify our war and not stop it. Ziad Abu Ziad, a Palestinian Authority figure, condemned the attack in an interview with the BBC. "Attacks like this must be stopped immediately," Abu Ziad said, "I feel sadness and regret and send my condolences to the families of the victims." Abu Ziad said further that the assassination of Salach Shahada has brought back the motivation of Hamas to commit attacks. According to him the assassination took place at the very time when progress was being made in negotiations on halting the attacks.

Hatem Abed El Kader, a Tanzim figure from Ramallah, said that the assassination of Shahada undermined understandings which Fatah and Hamas were reaching regarding halting the attacks, and the attack today is proof of that.