Is an ancient Chinese game whose origins are supposed to date back some 3000 years. This version has similarities to solitaire played with cards and also with dominoes since it is played with tiles. When I first discovered the game my initial impression was that the game would quickly become dull but having played it for a while and having given it to friends we've all found that it is quite addictive despite its apparent simplicity.

This program is designed for a PCompatible that can run in EGA graphics mode. If you're still running an older video card I'm afraid the game won't work. (Apparently many people do not understand the differences between EGA, CGA, VGA, MDA, etc.; basically, if you get a screen full of flashing letters when you try to run MAH JONGG you don't have EGA and the game will not work on your system.) When I originally wrote MAH JONGG I had never seen a game that used the full EGA capabilities (640x350, 16 colors) and I thought it would be nice if there was one.

This version also supports Hercules graphics mode. Since it's monochrome it's not nearly as pretty as EGA but the resolution is similar so it's not bad. If you wish to run Hercules, you *must* specify this on the command, i.e., the command line must be:

mahjongg -h

otherwise the game will try to run in EGA. I hadn't planned on doing any versions other than EGA, but Hercules turned out to be so easy I figured, why not? I don't have versions for other video adapters and I don't have any plans for them since I don't consider any of the lower resolutions adequate.

Since I do not program games for a living but still put quite a bit of effort into MAH JONGG I am releasing the program as Shareware. If you enjoy the game, as I think you will, a $10 donation to reward my efforts would be appreciated. Please let me know what version you have and I'd also be interested in knowing where you got it from. Make sure you put your name and address on your letter. Or, use the instant registration form in the file "orderfrm.txt". Just copy the file to your printer. If you don't understand the term "Shareware" please read the file sharewre.txt.

If you have any suggestions or discover any problems with the program you can reach me via the )(evious BBS system (300 baud, 8N1) at 508-875-3618 or 617-449-7322. Use the command FDBACK to reach me or send email to "THE FENIX".

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