Are Chechens armed with laser detonators?

Chechenpress, Department of MASS-MEDIA

August , 2004


Member of the higher authority Court of France Judge Jean-Louise
Brugiere, who is responsible for coordination of all investigation
actions carried out by the French authorities within the framework of
combating international terrorism, has appeared with a new s
sensational exposure of plans and intentions of the Chechen Mujahideen.

In his article "The Nuclear Armageddon" published in "The Boston Globe" (USA)
Jean-Louise Brugiere, in particular, writes the following:

"As is well known, the highly educated engineers rendering a service to the Chechen separatists are working out systems of laser detonators fit to explode the stacked up nuclear charges at a distance of thousand kilometers. After certain technical profiling, the same devices can bring down space satellites, and even space ships. As it became known to the employees of French political secret services carrying out their activities in the zone of military conflict in the Northern Caucasus, the Chechen engineers have already finished theoretical development of the laser detonator devices and even have produced some experimental samples at the secret factory in one of the mountain regions of Chechnya.

According to information obtained from the French special services, the Al-Qaeda representatives are in Chechnya, who have sought agreement with the leadership of Chechen separatists to hand over them two laser detonators to them, which, according to secret information, will be tested in field conditions in England, France and even in the USA - in this case from the territory of Mexico. According to suggestions of the experts in the field of laser technologies, the following samples of Chechen laser detonators have already been produced or are being manufactured:

- Laser devices on the fumes of copper, average launch power - 40 Wt and more, working on the 500 - 600 wave-lengths;

- Devices working on argon ionic lasers, average launch power – above 40 Wt, working on the 400 - 515 wave-lengths;

- Laser devices on the basis of neodymium ions (except for glass), including the impact ones, wave length - 1000-1100, and modulated good quality with impact duration above 1;

- Impact lasers working on carbon dioxide, with the frequency of following the impulses above 250 Hertz, mean launch power - above 500 Watt and duration of impulse not less than 200, working on the 9000 and 11000 wave-lengths are especially dangerous. These devices detonate the charges at a distance of six thousand kilometers, by means of alternating vibro-impacts easily overcoming all protective structures, including 10 m thick leaden walls of nuclear repositories".

Further Jean-Louise Brugiere writes:

"Representative of the Russian military command in Chechnya Gen. Shabalkin told me over the telephone that special services of Russia have established the following fact: the Saudi terrorists who subjected to air attacks the American cities on 11 September 2001, had
been trained in Chechnya, in Kurchaloi region, on "Boeing" aircraft trainer simulators".

Besides that, Gen. Shabalkin expressed grave anxiety that Chechen terrorists using the Arabian and Turkish mercenaries are intending to apply laser detonators in the attacks on space stations and tracking satellites of Russia, USA and France. General Shabalkin is in the firm belief that namely the Chechen terrorists broke down the shuttle "Columbia" on 1 February 2003, just before landing, and besides that, the Chechen terrorists were involved in the Chernobyl nuclear holocaust in April 1986".



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