BRITISH: Falklands-Malvinas


Abril de 2006

BRITISH: Falklands-Malvinas

The 25th Anniversary of the Falklands Malvinas Conflict will be marked by special commemorative events in June next year, Secretary of State for Defence John Reid announced today.

Falkland's Memorial Chapel

Commemorations will begin on Liberation Day, Thursday 14 June, with a Service of Remembrance at the Falklands Islands’ Memorial Chapel, Pangbourne College, Berkshire. This will coincide with a range of events in Port Stanley, the Falkland Islands.
On Sunday 17 June there will be a Veterans’ Parade, including a drum-head service and march past, on Horse Guards in London.

Mr Reid said:
“The outstanding bravery of our Armed Forces personnel, both past and present, is to be remembered next June as part of our commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of the Falklands Conflict.

Tragically, 252 lives were lost from the South Atlantic Task Force and these events will allow us to honour their memories.

“We will also be able to show our appreciation for the selfless commitment and heroic sacrifices made by all of our Personnel, both in the Falkland Islands and current operations around the world.”

Veterans’ Minister Don Touhig added:
“These important commemorative events will be attended by all campaign veterans, including the civilian workforce who worked round the clock to enable the Task Force to deploy so quickly.

“They will be joined by serving members of the Armed Forces and Merchant Navy representing the Ships, Units and Squadrons which took part in the operation.

“It is important we never forget the achievements and actions of our Armed Forces’ veterans, who have done so much in every conflict we have encountered.”