Abril de 2006

Royal Navy Task Group 337.01 comprising Type 42 destroyer HMS LIVERPOOL and RFA GOLD ROVER deployed to South Georgia between 17 and 21 March 2006. The highly capable anti-air destroyer and her RFA tanker support deployed swiftly in challenging weather conditions to the unique island. The task group conducted patrols around many bays in the island and used her Lynx helicopter to patrol the interior and coastline. Both ships also separately visited Grytviken where the ship’s companies had the opportunity to visit the former whaling station, the Lynx helicopter conducted patrols over the island and personnel had the opportunity to see the unique variety of wildlife existing in the island, particularly favourites where the penguins and seals.

Task Group Commander and HMS LIVERPOOL Commanding Officer, Commander Henry Duffy, said “ This was a very successful and rewarding patrol. By our presence here we have reinforced the United Kingdom and Royal Navy’s commitment to South Georgia, demonstrating that, we can deploy rapidly, in the most challenging of conditions, highly capable forces in order to deter any potential aggression . Both ship’s companies were able also to enjoy the magnificent natural wildlife which exists on this island which will provide lifelong memories for them”

The Type 42 is an air defence platform armed with Sea Dart missiles, a 4.5” gun and numerous close-in weapons. She displaces 4,000 tons and has a complement of 280 personnel. Powered by 2 Rolls Royce Olympus and 2 Rolls Royce Tyne gas turbines, she is capable of speeds in excess of 28 knots.

In the war against Iraq in 2003, HMS LIVERPOOL had the prestigious duty of Air Defence Commander to the UK Maritime Battle Group as well as being guardship to the Fleet Flagship, HMS ARK ROYAL. After completing this mission, she went on to the Far East with Naval Task Group 2003. In 2005 she completed a very successful patrol as Atlantic Patrol Task North Unit in the Caribbean where as the Drug Busting Destroyer she interdicted millions of pounds worth of illicit drugs and provided Hurricane relief capability.

Lieutenant Commander Bruce Finch - Logistics and Public Relations Officer
Lieutenant Conor O’Neill – Officer of the Watch 3 and Assistant Public Relations Officer