HMS Liverpool exercises with Brazilian frigate


Junio de 2006

Bossio was formerly HMS Brazen, a Type 22 frigate in service in the Royal Navy, until she was sold to Brazil in the mid-1990s and the two units exercised a variety of skills across a range of disciplines.

The Navigation and Bridge teams practised manoeuvring in close proximity to one another, transferring stores and personnel between them, and both Liverpool and Bossio conducted a Replenishment At Sea exercise with RFA Gold Rover.

Meanwhile the Warfare teams on both the warships exercised surface, air and underwater water, as well as helicopter operations from both ships, with the Royal Navy Lynx helicopter operating from Bossio’s flight deck.

These exercises are considered invaluable in helping navies around the world to work together, whether that is for Maritime Counter-Terrorism, Counter-Narcotics, Anti-Piracy, the protection of Sea Lanes, or for Search and Rescue.

The Royal Navy and Brazilian Navies have a proud tradition of working together, and this exercise has helped to maintain that tradition, and enhance their combined capability.

“All my team has found working with another navy hugely valuable, especially one as professional as the Brazilians, and it was particularly enjoyable to exercise with a former RN warship. We’ve learnt a great deal about how they do their business, as I’m sure they’ve leant much about us” said HMS Liverpool Commanding Officer, Commander Henry Duffy Royal Navy.

HMS Liverpool was deployed to the South Atlantic in January 2006, and sailed from the Falkland Islands in early June calling in Montevideo and Brazil. She has been relieved by HMS Chatham.